Top Most Delicious Sticky Rice Of Thailand

Thailand is a famous destination for tourists in Asia, thanks to its breathtaking landscapes and varied cuisine. All of the Thai dishes have such an attractive and unique taste. For a long time, sticky rice has become one of the most common dishes in the cuisine of this country. The delicious, sticky flavor and unique fragrance along with various ways of the process make it become a must-eat dish when traveling to Thailand. Below are some types of sticky rice that cannot miss

Mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice is one of the most famous dishes in Thailand. The material of this dish is quite simple, including sticky rice, mango and coconut milk. Glutinous rice is steamed with ripe mangoes to create such a simple yet unique dish. Sweet taste and fragrant smell are the best terms to describe mango sticky rice.

This dish is widely sold in almost every street-food stalls in Thailand, but the most delicious mango sticky rice can only be found in Pattaya. In spite of its taste and reputation, the price of this dish is quite cheap, just about 1.54 USD.

Durian sticky rice

For some people, durian may be too smelly to eat. However, when you are familiar with this fruit, we sure that you cannot resist its taste. Once you love durian, durian sticky rice is what you cannot miss. In Thailand, this kind of sticky rice is one of the most favorite dishes for both locals and tourists.

The unique feature of this dish is the perfect combination of sticky rice and sweet coconut milk. Durian is an indispensable material for the dish. The unique smell and the yellow color of this fruit is a great addition to the delicious sticky rice. Overall, this is definitely one of the must-eat dishes on traveling to Thailand.

Sweet Sticky Rice in Banana Leaves

Sweet sticky rice in banana leaves is a common dessert in Thailand. The sticky rice is covered with banana leaves, which looks like Vietnamese "Banh Chung," but the filling is different. It is quite complicated to make this dish. The filling includes sticky rice, ripe banana, and catjang.

This dessert is wrapped in green and young banana leave. Wrapping the sticky rice is an important step that requires lots of technique. The fragrance and sweetness of sweet sticky rice in banana leaves will make you mouth-watering.

Jackfruit sticky rice

In Thailand, jackfruit sticky rice is also one of the most favorite desserts. The jackfruit is processed and removed the seed. After that, sticky rice is added. This dish is served with coconut milk, peanut, sesame, or black sesame. This fragrance and sweetness of jackfruit and coconut milk is such a powerful combo to create any delicious desserts. Do not forget to try this dish!

On traveling to Thailand, it will be a pity if you cannot try delicious mango sticky rice, durian sticky rice, sweet sticky rice in banana leaves and jackfruit sticky rice. Their unique tastes will certainly attract you, and sure that you cannot say "No" to them!